Course of Study- Small Business Preservation (Through Modern Digital Marketing) Interdisciplinary Research Degree Track

In the PDF linked in the button below is my full course of study for both capstone and cornerstone. My cornerstone course of study is all below in text. 

Legal Minor

PLA 3014 Law and the Legal System

PLA 3108 Legal Research

PLA 4424 Law of Contracts

PLA 4607 Estates and Trusts

PLA 4813 Juvenile Law

PLA 4887 Law, Social Science, and Criminal




MMC 2004 Mass Media

VIC 3001 Visual Communications

MMC 3630 Social Media as Mass Comm

PUR 4300 Public Relations

MMC 4300 International Media

Social Sciences

GEO 1200 Physical Geography

ANT 2000 Intro To Anthro pology

ANT 2410 Cultural Anthropology (technically used towards Communications per Knight Audit)

ANT 3241 Magic, Ritual, Belief  (technically used towards Communications per Knight Audit)

ANT 3302 Sex, Gender, and Culture

ANT 3362 People Of SE Asia

SYO 3530 Social Power and Inequality

SYP 4631 Social Issues in Film


General Ed Courses

EDG 2930 Freshman Exp

EVR 2001 Intro to Environmental Science

IDS 1350 Critical Thinking

CHM 1020 Concepts in Chemistry

ENC 1101+1102 English Composition 1 and 2

STA 2023


SPN 1120C+1121C Spanish 1 and 2

MTB 1103 Math for Business

POS 2041 American Nat’l Gov’t

EUH 2000+2001 European History 1 and 2

ART 2201C Design 1



Statement and Overview

When I had started this assignment in IDS 3933, I felt very drawn to Ireland and Scotland; especially their education models. This hasn’t changed. I am now devoting myself to helping Americans gain affordable education in entrepreneurial skills via search engine optimization via THEY’RE. THEY’RE was a thought I’ve had since I was 8 years old and that I’ve been developing and evolving since my junior year of high school. I am working on gaining a 501c3 status and any necessary NY business licenses. The main goal of THEY’RE is to educate other aspiring entrepreneurs, freelancers, or businessowners on organic digital marketing tactics with a focus on search engine optimization. THEY’RE is a portion of what I want to run. I also want to have my own agency Fleur de la Ville that works with the adult entertainment industry focusing on sex shops for organic digital marketing. If the loan system (Sallie Mae and FAFSA) both weren’t corrupt and ran up interest rates to the point of never being able to pay off loans, I’d probably go to Abereen and get my graduate degree. Sadly, private interest has proven more important than letting poor people get an education in America. Thus, I’ve relocated to New York and plan to work internationally with clients in both Scotland and Ireland. I think my course of study reflects an overall entrepreneurial theme and would reflect it moreso if different classes were available. In addition to both THEY’RE and Fleur de la Ville, I hope to one day create an accessible (both economically and literally) software that utilizes cultural trends for marketing predictions. For example, if a salon is opening with a specific color-theme and for doing just hair with a certain name; what areas by zip code should it open to have the most success? Or; if I’m running a bar with an industrial theme in 32825; what color scheme and what font for a logo would be most appealing to locals? ; this is why I have more social sciences (specifically Anthropology) courses compared to communications despite what I do being organic digital marketing. My career goals haven’t shifted, my course of study has. Last time I also mentioned entertainment law, which would’ve been rolled in with THEY’RE. I’ve shifted THEY’RE’s ideology from a digital marketing agency that would be discounted for artists to an educational reform for anyone who would like to pursue their own passions as a business.

DegreeGraduate SchoolProfessional Life
BA (UCF Online- all classes are web based for undergraduate) and classes are ranked in highest to least priority.Accepted into Robert Gordon Uni (Aberdeen, Scotland) Digtal Marketing MSc program (in the top 5 in the world) 1 yr. start in fall 2020 but as of right now, not going.Working in SEO/digital marketing now and am an SEO Coordinator
Communications Working on turning into a 501C3 and educating small businesses
Anthropology (Social Sciences) Working on with a plan launch of Feb ’21
Minor in: Legal Studies  
Graduate by Fall 2021 (at the latest), goal is to graduate by Spring ’20Graduate by Fall 2021 if I go which will be a nope as of right now but if I do decide to go back, it will be a 1 year fulltime programStarting to make ~2.8K-3.2K/mo as of Jan ’20. Working f/t with D2 Ads, living in NYC, and working 10-20hrs/wk on THEY’RE and Fleur de la Ville

Adt’l Questions

What have been the driving forces behind your scheduling and/or course choices?

The driving forces behind my course choices and scheduling has been availability. In the Cornerstone course, I could’ve honestly answered this as ‘passion’ or something that’s more positive and leaning towards my career choices. I wanted to schedule out the way I saw and wanted to make a truly online digital marketing degree but, that came to no avail. I scheduled my classes based on availability then, if more than one class I thought was fitting and fulfilled graduation requirements was available; then I went into analyzing the better fit.