The Unlikely Twins

How Can An Organic Marketing Strategy Be Beneficial To Locally Owned Adult/Sex Toy Stores and Pubs/Breweries?

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Buying a sex toy and operating or working at a sex toy store is a complex cultural, social, and economic endeavor that differs based on one’s background/local culture/region on how it’s accepted, the amount of consumers, what marketing products will sell. The marketing discipline relates back to all three of the prior disciplines because we are looking at how search engine optimization and an organic digital marketing strategy can be beneficial to these businesses. While buying sex toys has become more popular as millennials and Gen Z has gotten older, the amount of foot traffic into these small businesses has decreased and is being given to large online retailers. So, despite the market boom, dedicated locally owned businesses aren’t seeing the benefits but rather, the exact opposite. 

  These same lenses apply for similar reasons with pubs in Ireland. Buying a drink in a country renown for its alcohol and spirits industry, like the Republic of Ireland, has a renown cultural, social, and economic effect on the country. While foot traffic is more common in a country like Ireland and for businesses like pubs; when larger franchises and corporations recreate the feel of traditional Irish pubs in Ireland and have the power (economically) to spend large amounts on paid digital advertising and maintain an online presence, they take away vital business from smaller pubs that don’t have the same economic power to spend. Organic digital marketing services should be affordable to both of these industries.

Organic marketing strategies consist of no ad spend/no running ads and are reliant on knowledge of the (Google’s) search engines’ algorithm and best practices. There are often negative connotations with the very few marketing agencies that work with these industries. There are no (marketing) agencies I have found that specifically work with these two industries (sex shops and pubs) largely what I speculate is due to these connotations and that these industries are perceived to be ‘unprofessional’. 

This is what makes the sex shop industry and the pub industry, the fiery Gemini twins. These industries and both are interrelated not by-product or service but by clientele and historic need to communities.


There are not a lot of organic marketing agencies due to traditional agency structure making a commission off of total ad spend. This varies by agency but is typically 3% to 20% of the total ad spend. With an organic marketing strategy, most agencies only take on side projects for this or add it to a paid marketing strategy due to the revenue being lower. An organic marketing strategy provided by someone with agency knowledge such as myself typically costs anywhere from $2,500 per month to $20,000 per month for a comprehensive organic marketing strategy. This cost makes it excessive for small businesses like the audience presented.