The Background

Digital Marketing Research For Small Businesses

   As someone who has worked in many facets of organic marketing in many industries, these two industries (sex shop and pub facets) are severely underserved when it comes to marketing agencies approaching them, tools, and resources. However, these are two prosperous industries who, despite being boosts to their local economies, are being turned over by corporate giants and franchises who have these resources readily available. My purpose is to help small businesses thrive by devising organic marketing strategies with not just a communications basis; but with a sociological and anthropological basis, as well. My degree has consisted of a large dealing of communications, sociology, and anthropology courses in niche topics. My legal studies minor is to simply navigate the things that come with business and life; contracts, trademarks, criminality, juvenile law, etc… 


   My motivation for most of my life has been supporting and uplifting small businesses, entrepreneurs, and artists from a young age. At 15, I started working with several startup nonprofits as a freelancer and quickly got promoted to head of department. My mom had to sign off on my employment contracts. I built out site content, I created social media marketing strategies, I learned spanish for one nonprofit to post on social media, I ran reputation management and events- all solo or I led a team of 1-4 people under me. At 17, I decided that 10-15 hours capped with minimal pay (nonprofit often means pro-bono or minimum wage work for marketing positions due to exacerbated agency rates). I reached out to a thriving digital marketing company that had stellar posts coming through from happy clients in a Facebook group for entrepreneurs known as ‘The Rising Tide Society.’ 


    This company was performing comprehensive Search Engine Optimization to clients sites at a far lower cost than what agencies would charge, which I knew was an essential part of an organic marketing strategy; I just didn’t know how to optimize sites for search engines. I reached out to the owner, messaged him on Facebook asking for an internship as I wanted to learn the skills to optimize sites for search engines and sent him my resume. He was impressed and wrote back asking if I’d like a part time position as a contracted employee. Once again, my mom had to sign off on my employment form. I never had any formal training. I learned everything based on experience and what my manager taught me (not the owner). I failed, I made some clients mad, I made some clients happy, and over the near two years I worked with that company- I learned a lot. After two years, the owner had to shut the company down due to personal reasons. We were laid off- effective immediately on the week before Thanksgiving in 2018. Between the start of my work with Turner Web Services to the end of my work, I went through many life events; I graduated high school, learned to drive, bought my first car, went to my first semester of college, went abroad alone for a month, moved to Los Angeles for a few months alone, among others. 


   Turner Web Services tried to focus on client education, something I was passionate about before I started and will always keep dear to  me. We recorded and uploaded videos of us doing each task to teach clients what’s being done, why it’s being done, etc… It’s something I carry with me now as I am an SEO Coordinator with the current company I work with and plan to stay with. I was hired as an SEO Coordinator for the company I work with the following week I got laid off. Black Friday for an agency that works with large auto clients threw me into an entirely different ringer, especially for SEO. We work with a broad sprectrum of clients and are a full service agency, I lead the organic (SEO) department. I work for a small agency based out of Ormond Beach that’s women owned and women led. We are a very tight-knit group of about 12 employees who work with some of the biggest companies in the Southeast. I’ve had the opportunity to devise strategies from beginning to end and see projects through in addition to educating internally to our own team on SEO and educating clients, as well. 


   Seeing success for small businesses and seeing how it helps their business and hearing from clients is what brings me joy. I have always wanted to work with small businesses and I do. I help small businesses succeed through holistic digital marketing. Through incorporating my academic background in research that I’ve had since high school as part of the AP Capstone program into marketing, I’ve helped businesses succeed. By combining my work and academic experience, I plan to help sex shops and pubs succeed as I go into the next venture in my life. For sex shops, I will be focusing on a broad geographic area and looking at the continental United States, along with some European and UK countries. For pubs, I am focusing on two specifically Celtic countries- Ireland and Scotland. In my next phase of life, I will be setting up as a tradesworker in Ireland under the name Slàinte Digital to work with pubs across Scotland and Ireland. I will also be setting up a DBA (doing business as) with Fleur de la Ville in the USA to work with sexshops across the USA and internationally. Slainte Digital will be based out of Ireland and Fleur de la Ville will be based out of where I currently am, New York City. This project will focus on the research foundation of these businesses and why these are two needed areas for me to work in. Eventually, I’d like these to develop into organic digital marketing agencies with friendly-costs to small businesses/that only work with small businesses with a staff underneath each.

   For now, it’s just me and this portfolio. 

The Personal Stuff


Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies with emphasis on Communications and Social Sciences
2017- 2020

Organic Social Media Marketing

Varying Companies/Nonprofits and Freelance 2014-2017

SEO and Site Management


3 Quick Facts:

  1. Empire State Thriving
  2. Started Organic Content Marketing when I was 14
  3. Currently SEO Coordinator for Women-Led and Founded Startup Agency Specializing In Male-Dominated Industry