Irish Pub Intro Analysis

In this research project, we will look at the social culture and analyze the impact of pubs across Ireland throughout the country’s history into what we know today about Irish pubs. This will give us a thorough insight into what impact a pub can have on its local community with a comprehensive organic marketing strategy. This will include evaluating locally owned businesses and comparing them to franchises and larger businesses.

An organic marketing strategy is a marketing strategy that doesn’t rely on any form of paid advertising. It includes anything like events, promotions, punch cards, social media pages, local listings, websites, and SEO. 
SEO stands for search engine optimization. Think of when you search for “pub near me” or “coffee shop near me” on your phone. Getting your listing to the top of that search is SEO. It’s vital to your business.

A comprehensive and individualized organic marketing strategy can be the difference  between a business staying open or closed. While walk-in traffic or word-of-mouth may be a main source of traffic for businesses, it will not be the only. It’s not only important to have a good walk/drive-by presence and to have a good reputation in your community, you are losing out to businesses with more power (commonly franchises and corporations) who have the extra cash to throw out on ad campaigns and have the money to hire expensive agencies for their marketing.