Sex Shop Intro Analysis

An organic marketing strategy is a marketing strategy that doesn’t rely on any form of paid advertising. It includes anything like events, promotions, punch cards, social media pages, local listings, websites, and SEO. 
SEO stands for search engine optimization. Think of when you search for “adult entertainment near me” or “coffee shop near me” on your phone. Getting your listing to the top of that search is SEO. It’s vital to your business.

When people are searching for a specific business, they’re likely to go to their phone or computer first. It’s important to be there when they’re searching but to also, be active to keep having returning customers. A digital presence also establishes credibility, trustworthiness, and to have a better reputation.

In this research project, we will look at the sociological and anthropological state of sex shops in urban and rural areas; internationally and in the USA. This will give us insight into what impact a sex shop has on its local community. Then, we will look at the continued rival competition from large corporate competitors and how organic marketing can combat that.